About RichNusGeeks Consulting

RichNusGeeks Consulting is an endeavor to fill the gap between the potential of Open Source Technologies and Practicing Software developers/Wanna be Developers. We provide Open Source Technologies Consulting/Trainings in various areas like GNU/Linux, System Programming, Kernel Programming, Scripting, Software Productivity Tools, System Administration, Application Programming, Programming Languages C, C++, C#, Java, X86 Assembly, Python, Ruby, Erlang, Shell, Lua, Mono etc.

We also provide personal career services like preparing one for the corporate IT world through grooming for technical skills required, interview preparations, corporate do’s and dont’s etc.

So if you are looking for highly effective Open Source Solutions/Trainings and IT career grooming then RichNusGeeks Consulting is the place for you. Please contact : richnusgeeks at gmail dot com or richnusgeeks at yahoo dot in.

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