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PyMakeMeLazyNDumb an automation tool for geekz, v0.0.2 released

The v0.0.2 of PyMakeMeLazyNDumb contains : is a generic python module that comprises of several general purpose routines required most of the times by python automation tools. All the components of PyMakeMeLazyNDumb are based upon it heavily. This module is slightly different in v0.0.2 from v0.0.1 regarding a small fix. is a python app that creates various files having .c, .h, .cpp, .hpp, .java, .py, .pl, .rb, .lua, .php, .sh, .mak, .sql extensions with appropriate commented information headers. Some of the generic fields of the commented info headers are filled automatically. So use this simple but effective app next time when you want to generate files you or others could track later on.

This version of the app also supports the info header append feature to the existing files having the extensions supported by the app. For example – if you want to generate example1.c,, example.sql files in your home directory then the command to type is :

python -d ~ example1.c example3.sql

If you want to append an info header to an already existing file then the command to type is :

python -a example4.mak

To see the usages of the app, the command is :

python -h

The app backs up existing files both in creation and append modes with extension .bak.timestamp .This app logs all the warning and error messages in a log file named activity.log in the directory from where is run. Once this log file is created, all the subsequent warnings and errors are appended to it.

The download links for the project are :

PyMakeMeLazyNDumb an automation tool for geekz, v0.0.1 released

Good computer users and programmers are lazy and dumb. Lazy because they believe in automation as repeatation is boring for them and dumb because they are not ever satisfied with what others try to tell them. The aim of PyMakeMeLazyNDumb is to provide all these lazy and dumb people a simple but super automation tool through which they become more lazy. This tool shall do the following:
  • download/install/build softwares required,
  • launch favorite applications instances at startup or any time,
  • create good directories hierarchies,
  • create various kind of files with information headers,
  • manage/compile/build/document source codes,
  • uploads/downloads multiple files to and from remote machines,
  • control remote machines with various commands,

and blahblah …

The PyMakeMeLazyNDumb tool is a container for these python apps and the release pattern shall be in form of the release of few of these python apps at a time. The download links for the project are :