Extending Python via Shared Libraries

Hi All,
Here is the original print article published in Linux for You magazine on Python and C/C++ interaction and the associated errata.


Page Column Para Line Replace with New text Remarks

43 1 5 7 method of the CDLL class method of the cdll object cdll is a loader object from ctypes,

43 2 5 11 c_ushort(-3) c_ushort(3) unsigned short with signed data provides improper result,

44 1 8 1 GCC gcc gcc is the command for GCC,

44 2 2 2 generates a C generates a C/C++ SWIG generates C or C++ wrapper file,

44 2 2 10 C wrapper C/C++ wrapper -do-,

44 2 5 4 testmodule.so _testmodule.so SWIG shared library naming convention,

44 2 3 4 hpp and hpp, testmodule.cpp and source file name missed,

44 1 Note – – This setting works only in the current terminal and the login session. If you want to get this effective in any terminal on every login session, add the line export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=.:$LD_LIBRARY_PATH in your .bashrc and then issue commands sudo ldconfig and . ~/.bashrc .

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