Monthly Archives: May 2015

“Snow is so beautiful, it doesn’t have to be useful”

Today this quote from the one and only one Richard Stallman rang up in my mind. In fact, this quote only forced me to write something on my blog after a long time. Richard Stallman or popularly called RMS is one of the reasons in my life that I became passionate about Free Open Source Software and hacking into it. We most of the mortals usually live multi fold or at least two-fold life. In professional front of our lives we have our daily jobs etc. and on the personal fronts we have our hobbies, passions etc. Most of us including me do very different things to pay our bills and run our lives and families and satisfy something hungry deep down in us. If I see the work I do for my living then it comes to my mind why I’m getting paid so much for doing that shitty and boring stuff? When I see the work I do for my satisfaction then it comes to my mind why I’m not doing those crazy but marvelous things as part of my daily job? In short, why can’t my passions be my daily job I do to pay my bills and run my social life? Anyway, I believe few fortunate and gifted folks like RMS do the similar things in all the folds of their lives but they had to sacrifice so much, especially at social fronts, for this uniformity. I recall a quote from Mahatma Gandhi “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win” that fits very well what those few gifted and freewill folks might have faced to unify their work and passions.

Similarly, in the so-called social life, one is expected to follow and live by norms mostly established by the folks who never tried to explore their real self. So most of the times society tries to manipulate the so-called crazy and passionate ones by imparting the false fears of getting isolated from the rest. It is similar to The Matrix (franchise) movies in which few woken up human beings were fighting hard for to wake up the entire human race got trapped in their mental world created by the machines. Whatever we talk, preach or force but one thing is true; we all are striving for only one thing, happiness. First we think that physical world around us could give us the happiness but we realize that was just an assumption not the truth. Then eventually we get diverted to our real self and realize that we really enjoy the things which are not giving us the physical world benefits in the short run but still we find happiness in doing those. If we are dare enough to follow our inner voice against the dogmas then we find eventually that we are not afraid of getting isolated any more as exploring our real self is in fact the goal of our lives.

You take either Free Open Source or Spirituality, both are the faces of a same coin representing the freedom and happiness. This is same reason we all feel very happy and satisfied when we see sunrise, sunset, beauty of the nature, beaches, rain, snow … Because we all made for the great things in life which are priceless. I’m damn sure that when we all see a snow fall we never try to calculate its price in terms of physical quantities but rather get transformed to a state full of the internal bliss. Life is really very precious to waste on the things you don’t really enjoy. Yes, I’m out of the matrix once again and will be expressing my true confessions through my blog regularly this time.